Bored in the Club

iPhone Shortcuts for crowded public spaces.


Too Loud 📢

Show any message quickly, in large text. Useful for ordering at the bar when the music is too loud.


Local Hello 👋

Send messages to anyone nearby with Airdrop turned on, whether they accept it or not. Comes with a variety of themes.

Just For Fun

Find the Rogue Agent 🕵️

Airdrop a spy-themed game to bar-goers around you, and challenge them to find you in the crowd.Some setup required --> Click here for Tutorial.

Just For Fun

Chain Letter 📫

Start a silly chain letter over Airdrop in any crowded area.

Just For Fun

Group Chat 💬

Ask others around you if they want to join a group chat - and prompt them to send you a text if so.(Open the shortcut after downloading, and read the comments)


Pitch your Ideas

If you can think of a fun or useful phone tool, shoot me an email or message me on TikTok and if I build it I'll mention you! :)

Made by Maker Max